Ultherapy by Ulthera

Ultherapy by Ulthera: See the Beauty of Sound TM.

Ultherapy is a unique technology that uses ultrasound energy to specifically target the deep SMAS connective tissue layer under the skin. This is the same layer tightened surgically by plastic surgeons when they perform a face or necklift. Ultherapy treats in a fractional, row-by-row pattern, which heals quickly with minimal soreness and no down-time.

Ultherapy is the only non-invasive treatment specifically FDA-cleared to:
* lift the brow
* lift under the chin
* lift the neck
* improve wrinkles of the décolleté.

We offer the following treatment area options: brow, upper face, lower face, full face, full neck, and chest.

One treatment. One hour. No Downtime. Noticeable results.

Learn more about Ultherapy and our entire family of regenerative, minimally invasive procedures by coming in for a consult. We’ll address your cosmetic concerns with different options and work within your budget.

Minimally-Invasive Face and Neck Lift


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