Travel Medicine

Allow us to ensure your healthy stay wherever you may venture…

As a service and convenience for our patients, we offer a complete travel medicine program. We do have many patients who are avid travelers due to both the demands of business and pleasure, and we enjoy getting their postcards from far-away places and hearing the first-hand accounts of their discoveries when they return. We keep on hand the standard vaccines and can order the more exotic ones within a day. Jacky keeps an updated file directly downloaded from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which gives a list of vaccine and prophylactic medications needed for the itinerary of each patient.

We are the only private medical clinic in Marin County licensed to give the Yellow Fever vaccine. We recommend that each patient discuss their travel plans with their physician. From here, a vaccination program will be planned so that the vaccines are given in the order and with the spacing needed to give the best result. The more time you give us before your travels, the better we are able to schedule the vaccines appropriately.

Dr. Gardner may also recommend that you take some medications “just-in-case” you develop traveler’s diarrhea or some other common infectious condition. You should also arrange to have enough of all your regular medications to last your entire trip with an additional amount for unexpected delays. Medications should be in their original containers as provided by the pharmacy, so as not to arouse suspicion when going through customs.


For more information or to schedule a travel medicine consult, please call the office.

Below is a partial list of some of the topics that will be covered during your Travel Medicine consultation:

  • List of Vaccines, costs (subject to change)
  • Travel Medicine Advise (food, water, protection from mosquitoes, wearing seatbelts and helmets, etc.)
  • Prescription Medicines we recommend you have with you.
  • Maps of the World showing endemic areas for various diseases.

Call 415-925-8888 to schedule a travel medicine office visit.