Sports Physicals

Each year we accommodate the medical needs of hundreds of athletes. We see world class cyclists (both mountain and road bikers), Olympic gold medal winners, marathon runners/ESPN Challenge/Iron Man competitors, professional and amateur golfers, tennis players, and skeet shooters. We treat baseball players from little league to tripple A to the Major Leagues. High school and collegiate basketball, football, Lacrosse, soccer, ice hocky, water polo, and just about all other team and individual sports are represented here, as well. The special needs, injuries, and problems of athletes and the performance demands that they face has been an enjoyable and challenging part of Dr. Gardner’s practice for many years. Almost all schools, teams, and sports camps require a physical before participation. In addition, athletes often have demanding schedules and cannot afford down-time due to sustained injuries. We are aggressive about making sure you are healthy for high-level physical activity, and are there for you when you are injured and need quick attention to a problem. Make sure you will be able to be a dependable teammate and give 110% to your sport. We look forward to supporting you with preventative evaluations and timely response to injury that adversely affects your performance.