Executive Physicals

Many of our patients are corporate executives who have demanding schedules and high-stress positions of responsibility. Whether the stockholders demand it or not, its a good idea to take a yearly time-out to get a complete physical. So many people are depending on you to be there and to be at the top of your game, day in and day out. Your family (those people living in your house) may not see you often, but their world would be turned upside down if anything happened to you.

Executive physical include fasting blood and urine labs, a thorough medical history and physical exam, and any other tests that Dr. Gardner and you feel are indicated or prudent. These ancillary tests may include ECG, stress treadmill test, CT heart scan, endoscopy or colonoscopy, sleep apnea screening, chest X-rays, or pulmonary function tests. Other scans, tests, labs, or specialty consults may also be recommended. Why travel to the Mayo clinic when your executive physical needs can be met right here at home?