Tired of walking on that treadmill and getting nowhere, literally? If you watch what you eat and find those extra miles are getting you nowhere in terms of your body shape, Smartlipo MPX may be just what the doctor ordered.

The treadmill is no match for Smartlipo MPX, the latest innovation in LaserBodySculpting. Smartlipo MPX provides maximized results for both fat removal and skin tightening. You can finally have that body you have always wanted.

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Dr. Gardner added Smartlipo™ after recognizing that certain “trouble areas” could not be adequately corrected by external  lasers, Botox®, or dermal fillers. This is particularly true of the low face  and neck in those with sagging jowls or loose skin and those who wish their tummy was flat and firm again. Now, instead of referring  these patients for lower face-lifts or tummy tucks, we are able to offer the latest  minimally-invasive procedure in the out-patient setting. In addition, we can treat many other areas that are difficult to “exercise off”, including  flabbiness of the arms, abdomen, chest, flanks, bra overhang, and thighs.

Laser liposculpture removes fat and  reshapes the face and body while you are awake but under sedation. Most procedures take about 2  hours and there is usually minimal bruising and no noticeable scars. Patients  can go right back to work or activities a day or two later, in most cases. Up  to 3 liters of fat can be  removed in a single procedure. Fat removed with  liposculpture does not grow back.

Smartlipo™ has several advantages  over traditional liposuction:

  • Done under local anesthesia and mild sedation.  This means you are awake and able to eat, take a look in the mirror or get up  for a potty-break during the  procedure.
  • A laser is first used under the skin to destroy  and liquefy the fat cells. The fat can then be aspirated through much smaller  instruments.
  • The laser coagulates the blood vessels supplying  the fat cells. This leads to an insignificant amount of bloods loss, less  bruising, less pain, and less down-time.
  • The laser under the skin more effectively  tightens the skin than external lasers. Unlike traditional tummy-tucks, Smartlipo™ does not require the surgical removal of skin.
  • No stitches or unsightly scars because the laser  and liposuction instruments are placed through very small incisions.

Typical Cynosure LaserBody Sculpting Results

Cynosure lasers are safer and more effective for all skin types. Here are some examples of the type of results you can expect

  1. Courtesy of B. Katz, MD
  2. Courtesy of A. Goldman, MD
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