Laser Rosacea Treatments

Photos courtesy of Dr. Boris Zaks

People who have Rosacea usually experience periods of flare-ups and periods of remission (the decrease or disappearance of symptoms).

One of the most dramatic improvements we see in cosmetic laser applications is the treatment of rosacea changes of the skin. Rosacea is an inflammatory condition of the cheeks and nose, and can also involve the chin and lower part of the forehead. These areas can flush, turn red, burn, and erupt with tender acne-like lesions during flares. In the wake of this reaction, the skin complexion is damaged by a proliferation of tiny blood vessels that leave the skin looking red and ruddy. Many victims of this skin condition are mislabeled as alcoholics by others.

Our green-light, 532nm wavelength laser comes to the rescue by lifting the “broken capillaries” out of the skin and restoring an even, normal color to the skin. It may take anywhere from one to three treatments to achieve the desired result, and then periodic (every one to five year) touch-ups may be indicated to maintain the result. Treatments take 20 to thirty minutes and are done with one to two layers of an effective topical anesthesia. Each treatment is surprisingly affordable and safe. Our laser has less discomfort and down-time due to its “cold-contact” technology. You’ll be amazed at the effectiveness of just one treatment.