At GARDNERMD we believe in a “Northern California” minimalist approach to Botox®. That’s why we’re willing to sell Botox® by the half or ever quarter-site to make sure we don’t overdo it. We think you can have a Botox® treatment without everybody knowing it; without the surprised peaked eyebrows, the mannequin motionless expression or the heavy drooping forehead. We believe there is just the right amount for each individual, and that more is not better.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic, the trade name for Botulism toxin, is safely used to relax the muscles that create frown lines, forehead wrinkles. “crows feet” around the eyes, and wrinkles on the nose and around the mouth. BOTOX® Cosmetic has also been approved for tension headaches due to muscle spasm in the forehead and neck.

There have been no long-term adverse effects from BOTOX® Cosmetic after millions of treatments, and it remain the safest of all cosmetic procedures. When used regularly every 6 months or so, BOTOX® Cosmetic can prevent new wrinkles from forming and allow old wrinkles to go away. When BOTOX® Cosmetic stops us from overusing our muscles of facial expression, the wrinkles on the surface of the skin soften and flatten. Overtime collagen can accumulate in the wrinkle folds giving a smooth result without a surgical face-lift. Collagen stimulation with lasers works works well in combination with BOTOX® Cosmetic. The end result looks natural and youthful. Deeper furrows may require a touch of dermal filler injected into the skin to “fill in” the defect.

The beneficial effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic can be seen within 3 to 14 days. The procedure is very well tolerated. Patients can resume normal activities after 4 hours.

Regular use of prescription topical retinoic acid creams, like Renova® and Retin-A micro, can preserve and enhance the positive results from the BOTOX® Cosmetic and laser rejuvenation.

BOTOX® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.