It is the belief in the world of hormone optimization using pellet implants that testosterone-predominant hormone balance for peri-and-post-menopausal women is protective against the development of breast cancer. ¬†We tell our female patients, based on decades of studies from the US, Europe and Japan, that natural, pelleted, plant-based hormones are healthy and will lower the risk of getting breast cancer. This is because free testosterone binds to estrogen receptors in the breast and counteracts the stimulating effects of estrogen on breast tissue. We have been wrong in the US for treating menopause only with estrogen and progesterone for the last fifty years, and this is one reason for the increase in cancer rates in the US over the rates in Europe or Japan. We have been wrong to tell women that testosterone in a “man’s hormone.” And we have been wrong to push women toward synthetic hormones, especially orally ingested hormones, like birth control pills, that increase the risk of blood clots by stimulating the liver’s coagulation proteins as they pass through the liver on the way to the blood stream. Here is a 2013 study confirming the cancer-protective benefits of pelleted testosterone in women. Along with hundreds of other such supportive studies, we are able to tell women with confidence that if they have a history of breast cancer or family history of breast cancer, then they should be pelleted with testosterone to reduce their individual risk.