Practice Philosophy

In expressing the gratitude I feel for being given the privilege of serving others in the practice of Medicine, I dedicate myself and my clinic to the following objectives James Gardner MD

  • To   act as an advocate for my patients at all times, putting their well-being ahead   of my personal comfort and financial interests, as well as the financial   interests of any third party.
  • To   offer advice and help in the context of each patient’s unique and individual   needs, requests, sensibilities, and belief system. Realizing that each patient   has a different view of the role of Western Medicine in their lives, I agree to   act as a consultant, allowing the patient to decide how I am to fit into their   health care program.
  • To   treat all those who entrust their care to me with respect , and at all times   protect the sanctity and dignity of human life.
  • To   strive toward an open and truthful doctor-patient relationship that fosters   mutual trust and cooperation toward the common goal of improving the quality of   each patient’s life.
  • To   be thorough and relentless in preventing illness and determining the cause of   disease and suffering in all patients who seek my   help.
  • To   be accessible and available to patients, and to provide a competent and   responsible staff and back-up coverage.
  • To   recognize that the most powerful tools for healing the human body, mind and   spirit are love and  compassion.